Eighth Graders Prepare to Join Central

Eighth graders came for the yearly eighth grade parent night Tuesday, March 12 from 6:30pm to
8:30pm. The Class of 2017 first met with Principal Chuck Morgan in the auditorium for Student
Scheduling, Course Selection and High School Policies.

After the parents and students dispersed from the auditorium, they picked three classrooms
to visit for about ten minutes to understand what each department has to offer. The sessions
concluded around 8:00 p.m. and led to the Athletics/ Club fair set up in the gym.

At the fair, students signed up for clubs and sports they are interested in trying out for. Most
of the school activities were represented in the gym. Some of the clubs had interesting ways of
trying to gain the attention of the students. The French club had a table and a cart set up to travel
around to sell cookies and candy. The lacrosse team used their sticks the hang signs so people
could find their table easier.

Each department had a fair amount of attention and the students enjoyed being able to see the
new school. With the majority of students signing up for their interests in clubs and sports, we
can’t wait to see them next year as well.

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