Nick Viall starts 21st season of the Bachelor

By Marcella K

Fans from around the country have been waiting for the 21st season premiere of The Bachelor for months, The season premiere of The Bachelor was January 2.

The new bachelor, Nick Viall, is looking for his love after he struck out of finding love on Seasons 10 and 11 of The Bachelorette and also Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. This time he has a wide group of 30 ladies from around the country to possibly find love with Nick. Isabella Dalou, junior, said “I think Nick is one of my favorite Bachelor so far. I really like him.”

Beginning with the first episode of the season, the goal for all the girls there is to receive the “First Impression” rose.The winner of the “First Impression” rose was Rachel, a 31 year old from Texas. Earning a rose means they will be staying in the competition and becoming closer to finding love with Nick. “I think she deserved the rose,” said junior Abigail Dallo.

With it only being the first episode, a total of three girls have already left the show after not receiving a rose. Tune into the show every Monday at 10pm on ABC to find out who takes the final rose on the season finale of The Bachelor.