Fans rave about new season of Walking Dead

By Simone Stephens

AMC’s hit series Walking Dead is back and better than ever. Its gripping storyline and gory context makes the story breathe life into TVs nationwide. After all, who doesn’t find entertainment in zombies roaming around an apocalyptic world eating away at the few remaining humans?

“That show makes me cringe sometimes,” said WLW senior Adrien Coleman. “It’s a really good show though! Besides the eating of flesh the storyline behind it is well done.”

The Walking Dead pilot episode first aired in 2010. It was based off the comic book Walking Dead created by Robert Kirkman. After the first season, the AMC hit was renewed for another season, not originally anticipated.

“I’ve been watching the walking dead since the beginning,” said WLC senior Joshua Lindsay. “The first season was so good that I almost couldn’t wait for a new season.”

Currently, the show is on its fourth season and is gearing up for a fifth season. It has also been nominated for the “Writers Guild of America Award” and “Golden Globe” for best television drama.

“I love how our current society pulls into their apocalyptic world,” said WLC sophomore Jill Ciampa. “I’m still in the process of catching up in Season 3, but I just love it.”

The hit series airs every Sunday at 9PM (Eastern Time) on AMC. Will you be watching the struggle to survive?

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