To Date or Not To Date

By Taylor Haggerty

There are three things that you are guaranteed to see at prom: oversized dresses, glitter, and dates. Two of the three are supposed to be optional, but the kids around here tend to know better than that. The common belief is that everyone is expected to have a date, even if they don’t really want one in the first place.

The packets that have been handed out this year have several pages dedicated to “You and Your Date.” The table reservations use one of the valuable 12 spaces to specify which one is going to be your special plus-one. This seems almost like a jab at those planning on going alone; there are certainly better ways to plan that, such as suggesting to circle or star the number of your date.

prom pic

It isn’t meant to be taken that way. Andrea Kalis, senior, is a representative of this year’s prom committee. “Our job on Student Council is to appeal to the masses, and a majority of people take dates to prom so we do gear the packets towards their needs to avoid confusion,” she said, stating that taking a date is more a “tradition” than a requirement, and often one that people choose to take part in.

It is becoming increasingly common to go with a group of friends instead of with a date to all of the other dances; why would prom be any different? “Prom is a more special night than Homecoming or any other dance- it’s the last time that we’re truly all together having fun and who you were in school doesn’t matter anymore. People should be sharing such a memorable experience with those that are most special to them,” said Kalis.

Being with those that are closest to you might require a date, but it also might just mean going with a group of friends. Taking a date is seen as kind of old-fashioned for other dances, but prom is about tradition and making memories; either way, it’s not about being pressured into taking someone. It’s about being comfortable and going with those people that you have gotten to know over your time at Central.

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