Where Are YOU Going?

By Emily Money

Representatives from colleges arrived in Walled Lake for the recent College Fair. This event, hosted by Walled Lake Central, took place Tuesday, April 30, from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Central gymnasium. Students across Walled Lake had the chance to take advantage of this event.

“It was a great opportunity for kids to look into their future,” said Sydney Zelenak. “There were tons of colleges to get information from and talk to.”

Colleges across Michigan, as well as several out of state universities, were present. “Over 56 representatives will be attending,” stated Ann Marie Rutherford, the counselor that was in charge of planning this event. Michigan State University and the University of Michigan were included. These schools answered questions and gave information to potential students about programs that will be offered.

“Even if students think they know exactly where they want to go, it is good to hear about all options,” said senior Rebecca Noeske. “That way they can be certain which will be best for them.”

All Walled Lake students could attend this event. “It is never too soon to start thinking about college! Now would be a perfect time for all students to have their questions answered and start thinking about their futures. Rutherford explained, “Don’t wait. It is never too soon to start thinking about college.”

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