Sticking with Your Siblings

By Alexandra Smith

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your sibling just disappeared for
awhile? It happens to many here at Central and elsewhere when their older sibling goes off to
college. This can affect the relationships between them and/or the whole family.

“At first when my brother left to college, I was really disappointed,” said sophomore
Alissa Jehl. “He was what held me and my mom together when we fought – almost like a
counselor; ha-ha. You get used to it though.”

Jehl’s brother went to Oakland Community College went he first got out of high school
then decided to go to U of M. Now, Jehl only sees him once a month. The pain has lessened

Junior Simone Stephens said, “When my cousin that’s like a sister to me left to go to
college, I lost a part of me that is irreplaceable…I felt like I had no one to go back and forth
with, I miss her so much.”

Stephens’ cousin/sister goes to a college in Florida, so she never sees her. It gets harder
to cope with it every day.

A lot of people miss their siblings when they leave because they just disappear for
awhile, when that’s probably all they had at one point. Then there are the kids that can’t wait
until their siblings leave so they get their room.

Sophomore Richard Smith explained, “Honestly, I couldn’t wait for my older brother to
move out so I could take his room all to myself, instead of sharing like I was mostly doing my
whole life.”

There are different points of views for everyone and their siblings. It sometimes depends
on your personal relationships on how it affects you later.

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