Preparations for Prom

By Rebecca Noeske

While the Class 2013 eagerly awaits their upcoming graduation and the beginning of life outside of high school, they still have many high school events and functions to look forward to. At the top of that list is the senior prom.

This year, Central’s prom will be held on May 23 at Shenandoah Country Club and the theme will be “Frozen In Time”. Prom packets were released in early March and the final due date is May 1. Any packets turned in after May 1 will not be accepted and those students will not be able to attend prom.

The price for tickets is $75 per student attending. This includes the cost of the dinner that will be provided at Shenandoah. Doors open at 7 pm and no students will be allowed in after 9 pm. Prom wraps up around 11 pm.

“We are really encouraging people to arrive on time,” said Senior Class Representative Khadija Khan. “The doors will not be open all night, so if you want to go you have to be there before 9.”

Enclosed in the packets are details about when and where students should arrive at Shenandoah, a paper enabling them to fill out preferred seating arrangements, several papers regarding appropriate student behavior, and a guest pass.

On turning in their packets, students should include money for the ticket or a check made out to WLC, the filled out seating arrangement, a signed student conduct paper, and a completed guest pass if a student who does not attend Central will be going to prom.

“It’s going to be a prom to remember and every senior should consider going,” said Khan.

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