The Good Apples

By Simone Stephens

The annual Apple Awards, which are given to the students by teachers, counselors, and
any member of the school staff to showcase students’ good deeds around the school,
were awarded in Central’s media center on April 19.

“There were 89 nominations this year,” said Physics teacher Judy Davis, who has been
coordinating the awards for 11 years now. “The apple awards have been running since
2002, but they died down for a little while so I volunteered to run the program.”

To be nominated for an award, a student has to be cooperative and have a
positive attitude, consistent good performance in class, improvement in attitude or
achievements, service to the school and or community and unique contribution in class,
club, or activity. The students who are selected for an award have nothing to do with
their academic achievements.

All nominations are confidential until the awards ceremony and all students who are
selected will be invited, along with their families. There will be refreshments and the
students will receive thei
To get an apple award is a cool way to tell each student selected that the staff ofr award and find out who nominated them.

“I was excited to get an award. Mrs. Davis nominated me for a pleasant attitude and
always smiling,” said junior Ar’Tejah Howard. “This is actually my second apple award.
It’s nice to be recognized for just being me!”

Central appreciates their extra efforts to contribute to our school. Every student is
exceptional in our school and even though all of us aren’t recognized, we all contribute
in various ways.

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