Senior Summer

By Simone Stephens

Being a senior has two huge advantages: no summer homework and no more high school. Without these, it’s safe to say that the graduates have a lot of free time on their hands for the summer.

Some are going off to college to get started early and some are hanging around for a little bit before heading to the next phase of their learning career.

“I’m going to Arizona and hang with my old friends for most of my summer,” said senior Miguel Gorial. “I plan on going to college there. It’s my home state, so I want to go back.”

There are a lot of seniors that feel the same way when it comes to just relaxing, and hanging out with friends, and enjoying the freedom of not coming back to high school. And then there are most seniors are just happy to be graduating or to be accepted to the college of their choice. The athletes especially are just happy to be playing their sport in college and take it to the next level.

“I plan on playing baseball, hanging with some friends and getting ready for college,” said senior Jeturi Brown. “I’m playing baseball in college.” says Brown. Jeturi is attending Bowling Green State University for college and will be playing baseball for the school.

Some seniors who prefer to relax and then focus on sports, which is understandable after a long and grueling school year. Doing college sports is another level and one should always be prepared.

“I plan to relax, eat, and run track,” said senior Chantel Edwards. Edwards will be attending Central Michigan University and is on CMU’s track team. Chantel has been one of the star female track runners here at Central and her determination has led her to reach her goals.

With no more high school, not having to worry about summer homework ever again is a huge relief. It gives the seniors time to prepare for college and enjoy the summer. The seniors have deserved it. Making it through four years of craziness is no easy task. This is a victory; take it with pride.

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