Sickout Causes a Surprise Extra Day before Summer

By Nate Collins

It looks like this year, the last day of school will no longer be on June 12. Due to the bus sickout day, the new last day of school will now be June 13. In an email sent out by Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Director of Communications Judy Evola, the bad news was given: “After conferring with the Michigan Department of Education, we have learned, as a result of the lost day of instruction last week, that Walled Lake Schools does not meet the required number of days for the school year and we will have to add a day to make up the lost day.”

Of course, students are disappointed in the decision. “The extra day has no upside at all. With the extra day, there is another day of stress, especially over exams, which means more sleep loss. It also cuts into our summer, which is not cool,” freshman Jacob Boulda said.

On this extra day, at least 75 percent of students must attend school, which is the minimum requirement for it to count as a school day. “…the State mandates the District to have 75 percent attendance on the day that is added. Therefore, we are asking that you please send your children to school on these last days of school,” said Evola.

The schedule change will be as follows: for the week of June 3-7, it will be 1-6 on Monday, A-block on Tuesday, B-block on Wednesday, C-block on Thursday, and SRT-6 on Friday. Final exams will be Monday- Wednesday of the following week.

Since seniors graduate on June 2, there will be no change in schedule for them. “I feel lucky that it happened this year for us seniors so we don’t have the extra day,” said future MSU Spartan Matt Boulus.

If this day is not added to our schedule, a big financial loss will occur. “If we were not to make up this day, this would cost the District $732,745, or $113,449 per hour of lost instruction,” said Evola via email.

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