Vikings take victory against Waterford Mott

By Kennedy Werner

Victory for the Vikings! Proudly walking off Waterford Mott’s brand new field during the Corsairs’ first home game, the WLC Varsity football team brought home the first win of the season! Last Friday, 9/20, the boys, hungry for a win, accomplished just that with a final score of 63-35. This confidence booster has the team eagerly waiting the Knights of WLN this Saturday, September 28 at Ford Field.

“Getting that first win was probably the greatest feeling we’ve had in a while… It’s boosted our confidence and has given us momentum going into next week’s game,” said senior linebacker and o-liner, Austin Shamoun.

Quite frankly, the Vikings really did deserve that win. With eight touchdowns coming from junior quarter back and safety, Nick Krumm, the team worked tremendously hard to come together and pull through with the big W.

“It was great to be able to score eight times for the team, but it wasn’t possible without the o-line,” stated Krumm. Seconds after the first huddle, the offense sure did bolt into action. The team had the student section going crazy, especially after Krumm’s eighth repeated touchdown.

“It was by far one of the best games to go to this season,” said fan and junior Hallie Antoon, “If you didn’t go, you really did miss out.” In fact, the Maize Craize was so loud that it was as if the Mott student section did not exist!

What is even more amazing is how well the team did due to injuries. With about six players currently out, the team truthfully was missing vital parts of their offensive and defensive line.

“It would be nice to have every one of them back to play. [They] just have to rest up, get better, and back on the field as fast as they can,” said Krumm.

As far as training for next week’s big game, the team plans to practice hard, stay focused, and execute all plays. “If we do that, then we should be pretty well off when Saturday comes,” said Shamoun.

Tickets are being sold for $10 in the school store during all lunches this week. Also, the special Maize Out t-shirts for the game are $15 through, search box: WLCFORDFIELD. “Everyone come to the Maize Out at Ford Field and watch us play our rivals for our second win,” said senior defensive tackle and end, Marko Beslach.

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