Class dances come together in anticipation of Spirit Week

By Kennedy Werner

In previous years, the class dance rivalries have brought rowdy crowds, an amp gymnasium, and lots of smiles. With preparation taking place all throughout late September and October after school, each class will perform their dance on Thursday, October 17 during the Pep Assembly in the main gymnasium.

“The freshmen dance is actually coming along pretty well, they’re super organized,” said junior dancer Natalie Nichols. Opening with the freshmen performance and finishing with the seniors, the crowd then votes for their desired grade through wild cheers.

Although the results are usually rigged with the seniors winning, the event is an exciting time to hear mixed music, watch the football players attempt to break out on the dance floor, and see the reflection of all those practicing hours.

With an awfully heated and compact gymnasium, each class will be distinctive, representing their grade level with the class t-shirt: seniors, cops; juniors, lifeguards; sophomores, firefighters; and freshmen, doctors.

Yet, the juniors have a slight problem, “[Our advisors] haven’t been to [a practice] once and honestly we kind of need them to be,” said junior dancer Rachel Kakos.

Will the juniors completely fall through or make it on top? Will the seniors win yet again? Are the freshmen prepared to be booed? Will the sophomores take over?  This will all be revealed Thursday, October 17 at the Pep Assembly.

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