Girls’ golf team wraps up season

By Krista Fog

Walled Lake Centrals girls’ golf team is about to wrap up their season on October 10. They’ve had a very tough season, with a record of 0-6.  Though their record is a losing one, they have a good deal of talent and have been improving every day since say one.

“Many of the fourteen girls have never played before,” explained senior Alyssa Wiseman. “So it’s not really so the record we care about, it’s the improvement we make.”

Wiseman said that a lot of the girls altogether are new to golf; not just the freshmen. Many sophomores and even juniors who do not have a lot of background of playing golf joined the team this year.

“With the composition of the team, I’m really proud of all of the girls creating our scores each match,” said freshman Lexi Odette.

Coach Jim Ali is also helping the girls in both skill and confidence, always bringing the girls up in times of need.

“I’ve never had a coach that has this much impact on my life,” said Wiseman. “Whether you score a 45 or an 85, he will always find the positive.”

Ali makes the game of golf fun and worth going to for the girls.

“I never leave practice in a bad mood; and he always makes me feel better about my game,” explained Wiseman.

Their girls had their final duel match on Tuesday, October 2 and lost against Milford High School, but every girl had a great game.

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