Equestrian team wraps up season

By Elise DeYoung

The girls’ equestrian team wrapped up its season on September 21 after their last contest of the season held at Milford High School. The girls placed third out of the four teams at the contest, just missing the chance to perform at regionals.

“The last show is bittersweet because I’m happy I can sleep in on the weekends now, but I’m sad the shows are over,” said sophomore Brielle Butler.

Throughout the season, the team had three contests in total where they would perform patterns or walk, trot, and canter in front of the judges.

The Central team is small with only seven girls participating this season. The girls all take and perform different styles of equestrian like Western or English.

“We get nervous, but usually we all perform well,” said Butler.

The second contest they had was on September 14 at Milford and included a pattern for Western bareback along with a walk, trot, and canter in front of the judges.

The first show was held on September 7 at Milford where the Western class performed their riding, trail, equitation, bareback patterns.

In each show the girls get placed in their classes that they showed in and the team as a whole gets placed at the last show.

“Each show is a fresh start,” said Butler.

They are looking forward to practicing in June for next year’s season.

“Hopefully next season I can get first in a class,” said Butler.

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