Central comes together for Homecoming Spirit Week

By Rithu Uppalapati

Spirit Week: the whole school comes together to show their spirit and rally for the football team. It’s a tradition in most schools where every year there is one week, where each day has its own wacky theme to help show spirit for their school.

At Central, there is usually high participation in spirit week. “About 60-70% or more kids participate in spirit week,” said Laura Matousek, Student Council Advisor, “Spirit Week takes some pressure of school and celebrates the community of Central.

Even though Spirit Week is such a happy time it can be a bit sad for some seniors.

“I feel as if Spirit Week is a great way to bond with the other classes and it’s like nothing else you’ve ever done, it is sad to be leaving it behind,” said senior Erica Greco.

For others it’s sad, but thinking about the opportunities ahead, they don’t get bogged down by it, “Leaving Spirit Week behind  is kind of depressing, but then you think of college and how fun it will be and it makes you feel a little bit better,” said senior Krista Fog.

For the freshmen it is pretty exciting, “I’m looking forward to Spirit Week because we do a lot of activities and don’t really have to learn,” said freshman Nevada Leslie.

“It’s the one week where coming to school doesn’t feel so bad, “It makes me want to come to school,” said freshman Amanda Ling.

It’s a little bit nerve wracking for the little freshmen, though. When they perform their class dances they get booed and rejected by the upperclassman.

“I think it will be funny because we definitely do not know what we are doing, but I’m prepared to get booed,” said Leslie.

At the end of the day we are all Vikings, and make up the Central population. “Spirit Week is a part of Central’s character. It’s a great way for the whole school to come together,” said Matousek.

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