Senior year: Is it sad or sweet?

By Simone Stephens

Each year, there’s a new class of Seniors. The top dogs. The ones who’ve made it through all three years of high school. Some seniors would say that this being the last year is saddening and that they aren’t quite ready to leave. But for the rest it’s bittersweet.

One gets so used to being an underclassman, that when you do get the top and are classified as a Senior, it’s a little bit of an adjustment.

“It feels awkward being a senior to be honest,” said senior Angel Young. “It’s like we have to be role models and what not; but in our minds, it doesn’t even feel like we are actually running things now.”

“I don’t think I’ll fully accept that I’m a senior until prom time,” said senior Artejah Howard with a laugh. “It just went so fast. Freshman year seems like it was just yesterday. Now I’m about to graduate this year.”

Some seniors feel differently. They are actually excited to be seniors and be someone the underclassmen can look up to and get advice from. Whether the advice is about classes or some problems that they come across in their early years of high school.

“Being a senior is dope to me,” senior D’angelo Andrews said. “It’s senior year. The fun year. I’m excited about it. Prom, spring break, and graduation are all on my list of things to look forward to.”

Senior year does have a lot of perks to it. How they feel about being seniors and everything that comes with it really depends on the person.

“I’m not ready to graduate, man,” said senior Josh Lindsey. “We have to grow up and take care of ourselves now. Much more responsibilities to take on. I’m just now ready. I like being a kid,” Josh said with a chuckle.

It’s the last year to have the best time of our school careers. Enjoy it while it last because it will go super fast.

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