Senior Slideshow information

By Nevada Leslie 

Graduation is upon us and with that the senior slideshow must be created. The senior slideshow is a presentation that is shown every year at Senior Celebration. It contains one baby picture and one senior picture of every graduate and is a great way to see how everyone has changed in the last 18 years.

In order to be included in the slideshow, every senior must send in one baby picture and one senior picture. The pictures must be sent as an attachment in an email to Nevada Leslie at by Monday, April 10, 2017.

Most seniors may not have the time or energy to go through a bunch of pictures, so get your parents involved. These are the last couple of months they have with you, so give them a reason to reminisce about the past. Senior parent Jennifer Leslie, is so excited to see how much everyone has grown but thinks the slideshow is going to make her realize that “they aren’t babies anymore.”

Secretary Lesley Drilich said this is her favorite part of Senior Celebration, but requires a lot of work, so make sure to send in your pictures early.