Central prepares for Homecoming Spirit Week

By Rithu Uppalapati

Central’s annual Spirit Week will kick off October 14 and run through October 18, with the big dance – Homecoming — taking place on the Saturday, October 19.

This year’s theme is “Save Central”. Each grade is cast in a role as saviors of society. The seniors are cops, juniors are lifeguards, sophomores are firefighters, and freshmen are doctors.

“This theme was totally random. People threw out a bunch of ideas and the council voted on one. We chose ‘Save Central’ because it seemed cool,” said junior Olivia Snyder.

Monday is ‘Merica Monday, where the whole school comes together and salutes their country in red, white, and blue.

Tuesday is Dress Like Your Theme Day. The Seniors will dress like police, the juniors will be lifeguards, the sophomores will dress as firefighters, and the freshman will be doctors.

Wednesday, Central will become the Wild West. Central should be filled with the rough and tough cowboys and girls wearing plaid, cowboy boots, and wild western wear.

“I’m probably just going to wear a plaid shirt and jeans,” said Lauren Gapp.

Thursday is Wear Your Class T-shirt Day. The t-shirts will be sold closer to the date of homecoming in the Cafeteria. Make sure to pick one up!

Friday is Unity Day, where Central comes together to rally for the big homecoming game. Wear your Central spirit wear and don’t forget!

“I think Spirit Week will be fun, It will be cool to see the class dances and how everyone dresses up,” said Snyder.

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