How to prepare for a great exam week

By Kennedy Werner

As midterms storm into your agenda, what’s your strategy? I hope it’s not cramming information desperately at the last minute. Exams are important! They can make or break your semester grade, which colleges do see! Come on people, it’s time to stop waiting for that study guide and ACT NOW!

Here at Central, midterms are 20% of your final class grade for the semester. They require you to recall subject matter from all the way back in September. Exams will appear on your schedule starting Wednesday, January 15 through the 17. Are you panicked? Do you think you have tons of time? First and for most, 1) don’t panic and 2) realize that it’s study time!

The following list is tips from me to you for all your final exam nerves, stresses, and questions. Relax; if you take this advice into account, you will surely improve your scores.

1)     Get organized. Sure, teachers tell you this literally non-stop, but seriously, they’re right. Buy some dividers, separate your worksheets and notes into their different chapters. The key to success is knowing where everything is… trust me.

2)     Start studying today! Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial, but 45 minutes to an hour per night will prevent cramming and help all your knowledge sink back in slowly but surely.

3)     Remember, you already know this stuff! It’s to your advantage to keep in mind that all of this material you already have learned. There are no surprises here, nothing’s new, and realistically exams are just a giant test of all the tests you’ve already taken!

4)     Get help! There are plenty of people out there that want to help you succeed, including myself! Not only is there the NHS Tutoring Blitz on January 8, but also you can befriend someone in your class that really knows the material. Ask for some guidance, grab their phone number; it can only benefit!

5)     Begin that divine sleep schedule now! Yes, winter break is great and everything, but it’s smart to get on a good sleeping schedule. This way, you’ll feel refreshed and cleansed once January 15 hits.

6)     Find “me” time! Honestly! Take an hour out of your busy schedule of sports, work, babysitting, whatever the excuse and take time for YOU. Indulge in a long bath, fall into a deep nap, or watch an uplifting movie. Also my personal favorite, shopping therapy ;)

7)     Exercise! I cannot stress this enough! “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning,” says Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey (Health-US News). That pretty much sums it up! Exercise improves your overall health and it’s important to avoid the sniffles as exams approach.

8)     Be CONFIDENT! You got this! Don’t stress. Tell yourself you will do great and you will. It’s all a mind game!

9)     Last but surely not least, ENJOY YOUR WINTER BREAK!

So my tips basically wrap up final exams with a nice little bow right? I hope so. Wishing everyone a fantastic break, you deserve it, and also a great final exams week. Like I said, don’t stress you’ll do great.

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