Paramore returns to the Palace

By Jill Ciampa

Paramore returned to the Palace of Auburn Hills on Thursday, November 21 after having not been in Michigan since Grand Rapids in 2010. They rocked the Palace with a 21 song set list with opening acts Hellogoodbye and Metric.

The light show captured the crowd from the first few seconds.

“It blew me away, it was one the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. I loved that the lights were influenced by each song, it really connected the two,” stated senior Alexsys Carcone.

With a combination of their popular songs and songs off their new self-titled album, Paramore ran an hour and a half concert with the crowd on their feet at every moment. When Paramore first came on stage, they opened the concert with “Grow Up”, followed by “Fast in My Car” and “That’s What You Get”.

When the concert was easing through its last few songs, Haley Williams, the lead singer, surprised the crowd by bringing the Rochester Hills Choir up on stage for the choir in the song “Ain’t it Fun”.

After the choir departed from the stage, Paramore finished up the set list with “The Only Exception”, “In the Mourning” and “Pressure”. “Misery Business” was the last official song, with the encore soon to come. The first few verses went as planned, but then Williams stopped. She pointed into the crowd and said “Now, you know that I’m not going to finish this song until one of you comes up her and helps me.”

Williams then searched from side to side and picked a girl from the front of the crowd. The girl chosen, Tanya, sang her heart out to finish off the song.

“When I go to a concert I look for mostly band and audience interaction and I think they did a very good job of that, like thanking people for coming out, and because of the interaction it made for a really lively show. It made it real,” Carcone concluded.

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