Baby, it’s cold outside: Spanish students seek blanket donations for homeless

By Emily Money

Hoping to collect 1000 gently used blankets by February 14, some of Central’s Spanish students are currently hosting a blanket drive to aid the homeless, but they need your help!

Volunteers ask that students drop off blankets from 6:55AM-7:15AM at the bus loop or in front of the main entrance. Blankets and monetary donations will also be collected in every first hour class.

The proceeds from the drive benefit the All Saints Catholic Church in Southwest Detroit, which acts as a soup kitchen and homeless shelter. Blankets and other supplies are vital to keep the residents warm during these cold winter months.

This event kicked off on January 30 and was coordinated by Spanish teacher Nancy Kattoula. “Two weeks ago, I got locked out of my house at 1AM [and] because it was so cold…the door froze shut behind me… all I could think of was how impossible it would be to be in the weather all the time,” said Kattoula. “Two weeks later, a friend of mine sent me a text asking me if I wanted to help get supplies for All Saints Church in Detroit to help the homeless.”

Shortly after, Kattoula decided that her goal would be to collect blankets. She mentioned this to her Spanish students, and several were eager to get involved. Juniors Arrie Timmer, Joseph Hanna, Gail Johnson, Kaelin Sadik, and seniors Natalie Casab, Caroline Barrett, Ally Khami, Chloe Ayar, and Deja Whitner all volunteered to lend a helping hand.

“These kids have been working nonstop to help get this going. I am so humbled by how much they want to help!” said Kattoula.

Tuesday’s boys’ basketball game was dedicated to #WLCBlanketDrive2014. Blankets and donations were collected before the game, and at drop-off locations such as Peet’s Coffee and Tea and Jasmine Nails in Union Lake.

Students can also help by spreading the word to others, or following @BlanketWLC on Twitter.

“#WLCBlanketDrive2014 will save an abundance of lives and keep families warm… We want everything to come from the heart,” said junior volunteer Gail Johnson. “I encourage every student body member and faculty to participate. Donate what you can. We can change the world, but we must start within our communities.”

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