Students prepare to receive honors through Legacy Scholarships

By Dominique Tyus

With the January 10 application deadline behind, seniors now anxiously wait to find out if they will be the winners of over 50 Legacy Scholarships available to the graduating class of Walled Lake schools each year.

“The winners aren`t known until the invitations are sent out because it`s supposed to be a surprise. Invitations are not sent out until around May,” said Counseling Secretary Cindy Nelson.

The Legacy Scholarship Funds is a Michigan Corporation that manages over 50 scholarships, ranging from $250 to $500 and beyond.  Each scholarship seeks those who have extraordinary talents and study goals.  Many scholarships honor former students, faculty, and community members.  Several athletic teams and even district schools offer scholarships as well.

“The requirements are different depending of the type of scholarship the recipient applies for,” saidNelson.

The application process required applicants to provide two copies of the generic scholarship application and two copies of the original scholarship application.

“I had chosen to do the performing arts scholarship. It was stressful, but worth it. Maybe I have the chance of winning, but I think we all do,” said senior Camden Anderson.

A ceremony will take place where the scholarships will be given to the most deserving students. The ceremony is invitation only and will be mailed out to the applicants who have won scholarships.

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