Fundraiser held to support Drew Clayborn

By Simone Stephens

An online fundraiser is currently being held to support Central alumnus Drew Clayborn. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise at least $25,000 to help Drew’s family with the astronomical costs of his care as he continues to live with paralysis.

Anna Moshkovich, a Central alumna, and Jonathan Silverberg, a fellow student at the University of Michigan, have started this fundraiser and have so far raised $2,605.

Donations to help Drew can be made for this fundraiser at

“It is important to express that a donation of ANY size makes a world of difference for Drew, even if it’s just a few dollars ,” said Silverberg.

For students who don’t know Drew, he was a beloved student, athlete, and musician here at Central. When he was 15 years old, he was practicing a backflip for the school musical and devastatingly injured his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

There have been multiple fundraisers and special causes to help the Clayborn family, such as the fundraiser at Wonderland Bowling Lanes and even a fundraising dinner at Leo’s Coney Island back in 2010.

“If you want an example of a community or school coming together for a student, Walled Lake Central is a prime example,”  said alumna Alexa Greco. “People knew what kind of a person and friend [Drew] is to everyone, and it was blessing to be a part of his cause.”

Drew is now a student at the University of Michigan and is studying Bioinformatics and Mandarin Chinese. It has recently become difficult for the Clayborn family to afford Drew’s care as well as keeping him at the university. Therefore, your donations are greatly appreciated.

“I think emphasizing the importance of your community members supporting each other is the key, especially someone who has been so influential in your community like Drew,” said Silverberg. “If many students can come together and decide to donate, that adds up quickly, and it says something really wonderful about WLC.”

Anything you can spare to donate can go a long way in helping Drew in his fight against paralysis.

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