The Call staffer experiments with poetry

Little Girl Lost

By Dominique Tyus

A little girl lost,

Lost in her mind,

lost in her thoughts,

and lost in her inability to speak.

She can`t seem to speak her mind or coincide with her reality.

She can`t seem to fathom what her purpose is in this life,

She is a lost girl after all.

What is she to do but to wallow in her own misery of painful shyness and timid speaking?

Is she to stay like this forever or is she to open up and let herself go?

There’s an obvious answer,

But she is too afraid.

She doesn’t understand why.

She shuts people out when they get too close.

Trusting is limited due to the trauma she once suffered in her childhood,

All she sees when she looks in the mirror is someone insignificant and not worthy of everything she has.

She wants to live right and free.

Negative thoughts always have taken that little bit of hope away from her,

It seems she is to enjoy no happiness.

The Devil is the primary source to that knowledge.

But she keeps fighting,

She stays strong

Without giving up on herself.

For if she did,

She knows she would let everyone down…

But most importantly herself.

She isn`t giving up.

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