Girls’ softball hits off their season

By Krista Fog

Havingjust finished their tryouts on March 13,Walled Lake Central’s 2014 women’s softball team is determined to make it a great season.

“We all have a very strong playing background,” said senior second baseman Kenzie Bonar. “Most, if not all, of us, have played travel for the majority of our lives.”

The captains this spring are junior Morgan Stacey and seniors Morgan Meredyk and Emma Klaserner, all elected by the coaches.

“I am very happy with the composition of the team,” said Meredyk. “I really think that we can go far this season. We are looking forward to play Western and Northern and hopefully be city champs, like last year.

Last year, the team finished with a 15-16 record.

“We hope to improve on that this year and be one of the top teams in our division,” said Head Varsity Coach Jaclyn Pilkiewicz. “The girls are excited and working hard to accomplish their goals.”

The team’s first game is anticipated to be April 2 against Hartland High School at home. However, with the frigid weather conditions, the team may need to delay their games.

“It’s possible we won’t even start playing games until mid-April,” explained Bonar. “At least we get to practice indoors in the meantime to be ready as soon as the snow melts.”

Inside, the team does the same type of drills as outside.

“It’s completely different though,” explained Meredyk. “The ball bounces differently, there is a glare from the lights, and we have to slide on the wooden floor.”

The team hopes to get outside as soon as the sun comes out to melt the snow.

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