Singers shock at South State Solo and Ensemble

By Emily Money

WLC’s vocal music students outdid themselves yet again at the South State Solo and Ensemble on Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March 22. Hosted at Central, the event brought competing students from over 35 other high schools together. More than 700 events were performed, and all Central students did phenomenally.

Soloists and groups can earn a ranking of superior, excellent, good, fair, or poor. From Central, the Chorale, Bards, Legacy, and Cecilia’s Quintet all scored superior. The Vagabonds and the combined Women’s Chorus scored excellent. These groups are comprised of students from all grades. Out of 21 soloists from Central, the only one to receive a superior was sophomore Hayley Tibbenham, Choir Public Relations Officer.  The others received excellent or good rankings.

“I qualified at Districts in the fall for States. I feel so blessed to have done so well in the competition. I worked very hard on my songs and overall musicianship this year, so it was very humbling to be able to get gratification for that,” said Tibbenham. “Also, it was awesome to even be able to go and compete against such talented people while representing such a great school!”

In order to qualify for this State competition, students or groups had to perform at District Solo and Ensemble in the fall and score an excellent or superior rating. The judges for both Districts and States score groups and soloists according to a rubric, taking into account different factors like tone, pitch, dynamics, breath support, diction, and expression. After being judged, the scored rubrics go to headquarters and are tallied to get a final ranking.

“There are very few superior scores and it is a real honor and testimony of hard work and talent to get one,” stated Tibbenham.

Due to a large number of vocal programs, Solo and Ensemble divides Michigan into districts for the first competition. Districts for WLC’s vocal music students were held at Howell High School on January 24 and 25. The districts were expanded for States because so few events moved on.

“[Solo and Ensemble was] fantastic, it went off without a hitch!” said senior Louie Horvath, Choir President and Student Chairperson.

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