Talented students win awards in MISMR essay contest

By Elise DeYoung

Winners of the Michigan Society for the Annual Medical Research (MISMR) essay contest were announced and notified last week. Seniors Hannah Shuman, Stephanie Mackenzie, and Alyssa Wiseman all won Honorable Mention Awards.

In their essays, students were to explain the importance of animals in biomedical research.The contest is a part of MISMR’s educational program which promotes awareness of the ethics, methods, and benefits of biomedical research.

“I have my Anatomy class and students write this essay and they have the option of entering the competition,” said science teacher Dr. Mary Kay Marks.

Entries were selected based on creativity, originality, and any evidence that showed the student made an extra effort to learn about animals in biomedical research.

“Dr. Marks has all of her students write the essay, and I just submitted it to see what would happen,” said senior Shuman.

The student finalist will receive a $500 cash prize and plaque, and the teacher will receive a $100 cash prize. Students that won honorable mentions will receive $50 cash and a merit certificate.

“It was really cool to win the award,” said Shuman. “I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

In addition to a modest cash award, their papers will be published in a special booklet by MISMR. Awards will be presented to the students at the MISMR meeting in May.

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