Students start setting up summer jobs

By Emily Money

The realization has hit home: summer is drawing near. But while many are planning to have their fun in the sun, others hope to be raking in cash with summer jobs.

Sophomore Jake Bolda will be a camp counselor at Temple Israel this summer. “I do it because I love the kids,” said Bolda. “You also make a lot of friends, and meet a lot of new people.”

Other students admit that their motivation to work is more money-oriented. Sophomore Hailey Campbell will be working at Go Green Lawn Services during the upcoming summer months. “It’s a good paying job and fun because I know everyone that works there,” said Campbell. “With summer jobs, you get money to do the things you want to do, and save up for things that you need and want.”

Junior Ashley Carrera agrees with this. She will be a Proud Lake employee this summer. “It’s to start raising money to pay off personal things,” stated Carrera. “You also learn a lot of responsibility when you have a summer job.”

Some students, like sophomore Brett Heath, work throughout the school year as well. “During the school year, you are always working and busy. In the summertime, you don’t have school and can work long shifts but still have time at the end of the day to do whatever you want,” said Heath.

Internships also offer a lot in terms of responsibility and job experience, but without the monetary reward. Sophomore Eric Hoskins will begin an internship at Halpin Solutions in Auburn Hills this summer. “It is not paid, but the knowledge, experience, and competitive edge are all worth it to me,” said Hoskins. “I’m doing it not only to gain experience in the engineering world, but also to see if I like the job and if it’s something I could see myself doing in the future. Also, I’m establishing connections and making good references for when I interview for a job in the future.”

Teenagers are able to work at a wide variety of seasonal businesses during the summer months. So if you are often bored during the summer and desire some cash or job experience, a summer job or internship may be for you.

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