AP Government students chat with U.S. Senator

By Dominique Tyus

Central’s AP Government class wasinvited by Google to participate in a video conference with U.S Senator Chris Murphy in the media center April 23. The event was webcast live through Google Hangouts video chats and posted to the Google YouTube channel.

“I enjoyed it and the technology was great. I would have liked to talk to the Senator more though. Members of his staff unfortunately took his place due to him being stuck in traffic at the time. He came later into the live chat and spoke only briefly with us,” said AP Government teacher Mark Willard.

The live chat gave the students a chance to ask questions about today’s worldly dilemmas.“It was really informative; however, the congressman couldn`t be there,” said senior AP Government student Caitlyn Girard.

“The questions the Central students asked were very thoughtful; their questions showed a strong understanding of what the Senator does,” said Willard.

Putting this event together was unfornately not an easy task to accomplish and for Willard it included a long night of coordinating and a lot of technical knowledge. Once everything came together, the webcast seemed to successfully pull through.

“My nephew works for Google; he called and asked if I wanted my class to participate. It was an honor to participate in it,” Willard explained.

Even through there were a few mishaps in the preparation of this conference, the information provided gave an interesting analogy of valuable and excess material.

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