Art and Drawing students head to the DIA

By Dominique Tyus

The Art Department will take a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) on Tuesday, May 20.

Students from the Art and Drawing classes are scheduled to leave at 7:30 am and travel to the Heidelberg Project, an open-air art environment in the heart of an urban community on the east side of Detroit. Chaperones include art teachers David Deluca and Susan Kramer, along with retired Walled Lake Central teachers Lyn Hamilton and James Lewis.

“With the Detroit Institute of Art being in the news so much this year it’s good to go and see it. So many people have resisted the attempts to sell off the museum treasures,” said Deluca, “It’s good for the students to see first-hand what all these people are talking about. Students take away from a trip to any museum, the importance placed on art in our society.”

It can easily be seen that Deluca cannot contain his excitement for the traditional field trip to the DIA.

“Mrs. Kramer and I have taken many field trips, not only to Detroit, but also to Toledo, Chicago and New York. Students always enjoy these trips and it’s worth the time and money that it costs,” said Deluca.

Students will be able to enjoy the day with fellow classmates while viewing breathtaking art pieces.

“In all of our classes, Mrs. Kramer and I are always showing art videos and Power Point presentations. While we feel these are a great way to see and learn about art, nothing beats going and seeing the real thing,” said Deluca, “Students learn about art and a field trip is a way to see how our society treats its treasures.”

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