Denied acceptance to first choice college? Don’t worry, life goes on

By Kennedy Werner

When the thin envelope addressed to you from the college of your dreams arrived at your mailbox this year, you were entitled to your tears. The gloomy day is behind you and the first day of college at your second or third or fourth choice is quickly approaching. More importantly, however, is your outlook on this first day. You can choose to approach the experience despairingly or you can choose to be positive; whatever the attitude will sway your success and desire to learn. Being rejected doesn’t mean your dreams are suddenly shattered. Understand that walking into college, any college at all, opens many doors of possibility, aspiration, and opportunity.

So you’ve officially realized that putting all your eggs into one basket doesn’t always work out as planned. Don’t take the rejection personally. The outrageous demands that competitive schools place on applicants is not your fault. The application process has gone mad, as you’ve experienced firsthand this year, so don’t be embarrassed at the school’s poor assessment of you.

Recognize the fact that there is a reason for everything. Maybe you haven’t found the reason for going to this certain college yet, but you will. Take into account the facts that you will never know the people you will meet or the professors you will admire at this college if you don’t involve yourself.

Take this rejection and all the others you have/will experience with a grain of salt. Why should a rejection dictate your opinion of yourself? It is so vital to your happiness and self esteem to not allow a college (or person for that matter) dictate how you view yourself. When all is said and done it isn’t the college that will achieve your goals, it’s you.

Many college graduates struggle to find jobs in their designated work field each year. You have already made it through the feelings of rejection. Now that you’ve lost your innocence to the matter, you have the familiarity under your belt when/if you get rejected from your desired place of work after college graduation.

Remember that you’ve officially ended twelve years of saving up for college, silly worksheets, and 7-hour school days. Celebrate! Whether it was the one you planned to attend or not, make it the school of your dreams. Stop diagramming your plans because life will get in the way. Finally, always keep in mind that the college you go to doesn’t change you at all, but rather YOU change it.

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