French students prepare for European trip

By Nevada Leslie

The countdown has begun. With less than forty days till the France trip, the students who will be attending are getting quite excited.

A total of eleven students from Walled Lake Central will be in attendance, as well as Madame Adkins and Madame Green, French teachers. This group will be joined by two others including students and teachers from Michigan and Indiana.

Students and chaperones will leave for France on June 17 and return June 28, making stops in numerous cities in France and London. There are destinations in Paris, London, and other towns with famous or historical features.

Going on a trip to a different continent is not something available to every student in the country. So students like Jill Ciampa, a sophomore who will be attending, are getting to experience something that most don’t. Ciampa stated that she is “so lucky to being going on a trip like this”.

Students will get to visit during the Festival of Music, which should be “really cool” as Ciampa said.

There will be a lot to look forward to on this trip. Students will get to live like a Parisian- cook their own French food, take a walk around the Eiffel Tower, or just go sit in a cafe and relax.

Ciampa is most looking forward to living like a Parisian, she believes that living in this lifestyle for a few weeks will “broaden her view of everything” that the world has to offer.

Traveling halfway across the world to a new continent requires a great deal of responsibility. Ciampa, also said that they “are still able to go to other place in the area without having a chaperone” so you have to be reasonable considering you are in a different country, speaking a different language, knowing no one.

Bon Voyage! We will see you next year and hope to hear all about the trip.

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