You can fight conspiracy

By Kevin Coleman

Whenever the government is questioned, the ideas suggested are commonly dismissed as conspiracy theories and the speaker a conspiracy theorist. These condescending terms have been tossed around continually in media discussion and have grown synonymous with crazy people, making questioning the government the mark of a mad man. Even our wisest friends and family members will dismiss unpopular thinking, followed by their shrugging off the multitude of conspiracy theories to be learned. There are not theories surrounding an issue, there is only the unbiased skepticism of the established theory. It’s time to stop criticizing those who choose to question.

Before I lose the attention of those of you who avoid discussing politics in your everyday life, understand that I only want to help you. Politics in America has evolved into an immature form of entertainment that bores the majority, and this is a situation that can only destroy our freedom. You may not want anything to do with politics, but politics has absolutely everything to do with you. In a nutshell, politics is the means by which you are governed, and you are conveniently conditioned to find no interest in concerning yourself with it.

Today in America, our political system has been corrupted by bribery. In the private sector, bribing someone is an illegal act that is strictly punishable. In government, money flies frivolously in the direction that maintains control. Wealthy corporations, both foreign and local, have the power to fund the campaigns of what we in the audience view as opposing candidates. When elected, our leaders are not legally required to disclose where their financial contributions came from, so the veil of secrecy remains intact. In this defunct political scheme that has evolved from a fair democracy, the voice of the people has been lost.

Government in America today more closely resembles an oligarchy, despite the false democratic charade that is sustained by the wealthy oligarchs. For those who need a refresher lesson in civics, an oligarchy is a form of government in which multiple people have control over the rest of the population. A monarchy has a king that rules, whereas an oligarchy has a few kings that rule.  This portrayal of contemporary American politics may seem far-fetched, but know that the kings of today do not wear crowns, nor do they sit powerfully on their throne surveying their kingdom. The top wealthy citizens, one percent of our nation’s population, possess the financial power to in turn exercise political power in a lucrative deceptive manor.

Among such oligarchs, conspiring is not a possible outcome, it is a likely outcome. Working together is in our nature, and as they say, two brains are better than one. Do not dismiss a person’s questioning of an established theory. History shows us that governments have always deceived their people, not because the people wished to be deceived, but because people are incredibly vulnerable to being misled. Think for yourself, do your research and work every day to assure your spot on the moral side of history.

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