NHS final exam tutoring blitz coming Central’s way

By Kennedy Werner

Summer is almost here! The final stretch can be a bit tricky for Central students, especially if you’re at an 89% in the class and are striving for an A. Those of you who need the extra push are in luck! WLC’s National Honor Society (NHS) members are offering their annual final exam tutoring blitz on Thursday, June 5 from 2:30 until 3:30 PM in the media center.

“I am really looking forward to helping people achieve their goals before school is out this year,” said junior NHS member Miles Hoy. “I, personally, will be helping students with Algebra 1 and 2, Biology, and German 1 and 2.”

Tutoring will be available in the following subjects: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, English 9, English 10, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Civics, Economics, US History, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, French 1, French 2, German 1, and German 2.

“I encourage all underclassmen to come check out the tutoring! I did when I was a freshman and the tutoring did wonders,” said junior NHS member Hallie Antoon, “I was really pleased with my final exam results afterwards.”

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