Central club to help Iraqi women impaired by ISIS

By: Kennedy Werner

To kick off the year, WLC’s “The Giving Tree Club” is holding a fundraiser for the Iraqi women impacted by the effects of the Muslim terrorist group, “ISIS”. The club is accepting donations of money and hygiene products; such as shampoo, conditioner, sanitary napkins, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, undergarments, deodorant, and lotion. Contributions can be dropped off in Spanish teacher Nancy Kattoula’s room (B206) or at “The Giving Tree Club” table at all three lunches.


“I encourage everyone at Walled Lake Central and in the Walled Lake community to be generous and donate whatever they can. We, as Americans, are privileged enough to leave our [beloved homes] and [be able to] go back [everyday], but these women in Iraq are never going back home,” said senior co-President of the club Gail Johnson.


ISIS, the Islamic State in Syria, continues to occupy Iraq as they fight for the country to become an Islamic state. For the first time in 2,000 years, Christian churches have closed in Iraq and the Christian people are unable to come together and worship. Iraqi women have been forced out of their homes, leaving only with the valuables they can carry on their back. They are in need of basic living essentials as they flee for freedom.


“ISIS has been terrorizing these women and their families into poverty. [They have left] their house with basically the clothes on their back and that is morally not right,” said senior co-Vice President Joe Hanna, “I have relatives over in Iraq and I think it’s very important to help them in any way, shape or form.”


Johnson added, “Some of my close friends have family members over in Iraq who have been impacted by this form of discrimination. I just would like to make a positive difference in any possible way.”


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