Syrians seek safety

By Jill Ciampa

Syrian citizens have been searching for refuge more than ever over the past few months  Many neighboring countries have been accepting the refugees from the Middle Eastern nation, but there is an overflow of people in need of safety.. Hungary, Lebanon and Jordan have pleaded with European nations to welcome some of the refugees they can no longer support.

Since 2011, the escalating civil war in Syria has taken over 200,000 lives. Nearly 7.6 millions citizens remain internally displaced, meaning that they cannot leave the country under government law. With the opportunity to take over the weakened government, the terrorist group ISIS invaded. ISIS has not only committed violent acts against the Syrian people, but also the foreign soldiers that have come to aid the citizens.

The estimated nine million Syrians that have fled from deadly conditions only seem to arrive to countries with unsatisfactory aid. Many of these countries have placed refugee policies in action that make citizenship difficult. Other outside countries are attempting to provide aid, like the United States, but since emigration is not as easily accessible, they can only readily provide money and soldiers to fight against ISIS.

Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon have been accepting refugees since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011, but nearly 4 million evacuees have pushed the population levels in all three countries and have been using the scarce resources the countries can provide for aid.

Based on the influence these migrants have had on the nation, Hungary has enforced strict regulations among the migrants that they have registered in their camps. These Syrians have been seen within gated pens, having food delivered in bags. Hungary is trying to deter incoming refugees to such a point that they are constructing razor wired fences.

Germany has agreed to take on some of the refugees from Hungary, but as quickly as they file out, more just keep coming. Germany threatened to put up their own border control and their court ruled that social security benefits can be taken from migrants, even if they have previously worked in Germany.

Other countries agreeing to receive emigrants include Iraq, Italy, Egypt, Greece, Australia, the United States, Sweden, Macedonia, Lesbos, Ireland, Armenia, France and Britain. On the other hand, Denmark has added strict requirements for aiding refugees and gaining citizenship. Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have refused to accept Syrian refugees at all.

The ongoing war is rattling much of the Middle East and Europe, also reaching into Northern Africa. Soldiers have been implemented on both sides of the fight, moving the front quickly. As millions of refugees seek safety and comfort, the war continues with no end in sight.

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