Central college visits draw to a close

By Jill Ciampa

Beginning in September, college representatives began arriving at Central to present information about their colleges to the students. Of course many seniors have taken advantage of these visits, but sophomores and juniors have also been invited to join in.

Time is running short as the final visitation will be on Monday, November 2 by Schoolcraft College of Livonia. But, between now and then there are still opportunities to meet with representatives from Grand Valley State, Central, Davenport, and even all the way from the University of Southern California.

“For in-state colleges, public or private, it’s part of their job [to visit high schools].” Counselor Kathleen Hoover stated. “Many out-of-state schools call us or we call them. We would call a school [out-of-state] for one student if they’re interested, but many of the big schools do want to present to a larger group of students.”

Ten of these colleges are also allowing on-site admissions. An “on-site”, as students refer to them, allows a students to fill out the application and bring it to a representative and be interviewed right away. That interview can dictate whether or not you are admitted on the spot.

“On sites are great for two reasons, you get answers immediately and it’s a lot harder to say no face to face,” Hoover continued. “On sites have been going on for years and many schools waive application fees when you do on-sites, about two-thirds.”

Hoover concluded, “[these visits] give [students] a bird’s eye view of what a college is like; it gives them more information about their ability to get in, what the school is like, and what might specifically interest them about that school.”

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