Mom-to-Mom sale to return to WLC

By Emma Weintraub

Walled Lake Central sports teams tackled their annual Mom to Mom Sale on Saturday, October 2.  This event raises money for various sports teams, so that they can purchase new equipment.  The cheer team, the men’s soccer team, and the football team were all in attendance at the event.

“The event raises around $2500 for the Walled Lake Central Coaches Association, (WLCCA). The sale was a huge success as we had over sixty vendors at the event and four hundred shoppers come through the door,“ said the Men’s Varsity Soccer Coach Joel Sharpe. “Over the years, the WLCCA has raised money to improve the weight room, install a new scoreboard, and start the WLC Hall of Fame thanks to the Mom to Mom Sale,”

Sophomore Matthew Weintraub was at the event to support his JV team. “It was really cold because we were setting up outside and had to wait for the cars with the equipment. The event was fun and most of the JV soccer team was there. The only part that was challenging [for me] was waking up early and standing in the cold,” said Weintraub.

During the course of the school year, there is expected to be one more Mom to Mom Sale in the spring of 2016. Make sure to check out the sale when the date arrives!  

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