24th James Bond movie to hit theathers

By Jill Ciampa

Following Skyfall, the twenty-fourth James Bond movie, Spectre,  will be released in theaters on November 6. Students and staff across Central are excited to see what the new movie will hold.

“I love the James Bond movies and this time [within Spectre] it’s an original script, so it should be different from the other movies,” senior Sam Seltzer stated.

Directed by Sam Mendes, who directed Skyfall, Spectre leads Bond (Daniel Craig) to tracking down the links to an international criminal organization. This includes finding the daughter of an old enemy to aid him in the hunt, Bond also finds out his odd connection to the main antagonist, Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz).

After the $1.1 billion Skyfall reached in profits, there has been a thin limit to the budget on Spectre. Actually being over budget at over $300 million in production costs, Spectre is one of the most expensive movies ever made. Spectre has fans holding a high expectation following Skyfall, which was the most successful Bond film as of yet.

As Daniel Craig has also called to term the end of his James Bond era, Principal Chuck Morgan noted, “It’s always someone new and young, it’s great that every few years they can change it [the character] and everyone just accepts it.”

As favorite Bond films range from From Russia With Love and Diamonds are Forever and favorite portrayals from Roger Moore and Sean Connery, the new film will reach back into the classic plots. Spectre has appeared before, its last occurrence in Diamonds are Forever, adding another difficult expectation to cover from the classic stories.

Among the Daniel Craig Bond movies, Seltzer and junior Shawn Hikosaka think that Casino Royale and Skyfall are among the best.


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