German club to hold holiday celebration

By Emma Weintraub

The German Club is looking forward to their holiday celebration on Thursday, December 17 at 2:45 in room B203.

The celebration is designed to incorporate German holiday traditions with American traditions. “At the celebration we will be having Glühwein which is an alcohol free mulled wine,”comments German Club advisor Frau Theresa Robinson.Glühwein is a common treat that most Germans drink around Christmas and Halloween. What is traditionally an alcoholic beverage, that is served hot, will be offered as a non-alcoholic beverage for underaged consumers to enjoy.The glühwein is traditionally made with assorted spices and cinnamon sticks.

Along with the glühwein, those who come to the celebration will find themselves singing along to popular German Christmas songs. “Stille Nacht,” which is equivalent to the english song, “Silent Night”.

German club president Erica Myers explained, “This year we will also be having a gift exchange at the celebration. Last year we had everyone purchase a small gift and exchange them amongst themselves. It was a huge success last year, so it was determined that we would host the activity again.”

During the celebration, club participants can also expect to take part in “assorted craft making,” commented Robinson. The craft making will vary in traditional holiday trademarks, and traditional German holiday symbols.With this celebration the club  is hoping to bring cheer and joy to all its club members

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