Legacy Scholarship results to be announced by end of April

By Lizzie Malashetsky

As seniors await notice of some of the last college acceptances, they can also expect the results of scholarships that they’ve applied for, including the annual Legacy Scholarships. Legacy Scholarship Night will be held Monday, May 9 in the WLC auditorium at 6:45pm.

Legacy Scholarship Funds, Inc. gifts over 50 scholarships to graduating high school seniors each year. Many scholarships are available, but some are strictly for students of Walled Lake Central. This year, about 100 recipients have been selected from all three Walled Lake high schools, as well as students from Oakland Opportunity Academy, Oxford High School, and Mercy High School. These seniors can be awarded up to $250 to $2500 for college. Additionally, twenty $100 scholarships will be awarded to this year’s winners during a special drawing at the event.

Letter invitations to the ceremony were sent out in the mail on Tuesday, April 20,  so students who have won a scholarship should know by the end of April. However, the invitation will not state which scholarship they have won; the details will be in the presentation folders they receive at the event. Unfortunately, if a student didn’t win the scholarship(s) they applied for, they will not receive a letter at all. Good luck!

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