Juggling jobs and school a challenge for high schoolers, especially upperclassmen

By Averee Herman

High schoolers, especially the upperclassmen, have reached the age of getting jobs. For those becoming adults, jobs often teach the responsibilities needed in the future. However, going to school while having an after-school job can be quite difficult at times. Thankfully, some teachers understand the time crunch and take it into consideration.

Being at school for eight straight hours and then going a job for five or more hours is challenging, and most people feel this way. While you are sitting in class, stressing about all of the homework you are going to have to stay up until one o’clock in the morning completing because you have work after school, find some spare time in class

“Having to worry about studying for a test tomorrow while I’m at work makes the time go by a lot slower and makes me stress out a lot more because I know I won’t have the time that I need once I get home,” senior Josh Leimbach said.

The best strategy is for each person to learn how to successfully manage your time in a way that is convenient for you.  Finish all of your classwork first, at a faster rate, and then use that extra remaining time at the end of class to begin your homework. Although this should not be something new to you, it is efficient and successful.

“Ever since middle school I have taught myself to make sure to get all of my work done when I had any extra time just because I hate having to cram everything in at home,” senior Lexie LaBo elaborated.

When you have a big test to study for the next day at school, but do not have the motivation to stay up all night long and force yourself to comprehend topics that you did not even understand the first time, try to print out a study guide, or write one out beforehand. Most employers should have the understanding that we are high school students and we do have other obligations to fulfill. Having paper copies of notes or study guides will be a lot easier for you to bring into the workplace to study instead of risking using your cell phone during work. (Note: only use this method if you have a job that tends to get slow at times).

If you are a night owl and do not mind staying up until your alarm is about to go off to get ready for school, then this advice is irrelevant to you. But if you are part of the majority that cherishes every second of sleep, then this advice will work out in your favor more often than not.

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