Annual Taste of the Lakes raises funds, awareness for Lakes Area Youth Assistance

By Nevada Leslie

The Taste of the Lakes fundraiser took the Lakes area by storm on Tuesday, September 20 at Edgewood Country Club as over 15 restaurants joined forces to provide a strolling dinner to attendees and to raise money and awareness for the Lakes Area Youth Assistance (LAYA) program.

The event went great according to National Honor Society (NHS) volunteers and seniors Leksa Luca and Makayla Matteson. They said it was fun and had great food, but was crazy packed. But because it was so “crazy packed”, the event raised $31,000.

The event is the single largest fundraiser for the Lakes Area Youth Assistance (LAYA) all year. All the money raised will be used to support the multitude of programs LAYA has, like youth and family counseling and education programs. The volunteers and coordinators of this event work hard to make it a success to ensure that all services will be free of charge to the residents of the Walled Lake School Districts.The event was attended by representatives from the Walled Lake Schools, law enforcement agencies, and the courts The event included a raffle and silent auction in addition to the strolling dinner to raise funds.

LAYA Board President Mike Stack told Ali Armstrong, editor of the Spinal Column, “Our kids need a lot more help than we can give them, and the money that we raise through Taste of the Lakes, the more benefit we are to the children in our school district.”