Vikings honor Lakeland HS student at LHS “Yellow Out” football game

By Nevada Leslie

Walled Lake Central students are used to “outs” for football and basketball games. Students can  rock anything from a crazy Tropical Out to a simple Pink Out and still make the student section look amazing. On Friday, September 23, a different out, one that WLC had never seen before, took place in the student section: a Yellow Out.

This Yellow Out was different from a standard Maize Out – yes, the student section will be decked out in yellow for both games – but for this game the yellow in the stands meant something other than school pride, it stood for Childhood Cancer Awareness.

The idea first came to students at Lakeland High School. They then invited Central to join in. Lakeland unfortunately lost one of its own students this past summer, Spencer Hale, to cancer. He was the inspiration for this event.

The Lakeland Leaders, the Maize Craze of LHS, were very excited for the event and spent hours making it perfect. They designed shirts and sold them to donate the proceeds to help find a cure for cancer.

Senior Grace Berryman attended the game and said “It was like no other,” and “It was so special to see both sides unify for one person.”

This was a great game, no matter who won or lost. This game made both sides winners, knowing that all the yellow supported an amazing cause.