Choir students prepare to take stage at annual fall concert

By Renata Terrazzan

Once again, the stage will be graced with the voices of the vocal music department’s choirs at the Fall Concert at 7 pm on October 26 in the WLC Auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door and online. For the first time, this year’s concert will not be Halloween themed, but will feature songs from “Around the World” instead.

The concert’s repertoire will include a variety of cultural songs that demonstrate the language and unique sound of the countries featured. The languages include: Syrian Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, a variety of African languages and dialects, French, Spanish, Latin, and many others.

“The songs are really beautiful,” junior Olivia Ross, a member of Chamber Singers said. “We have a great blend this year and the harmonies in all the songs are really nice. My favorite has to be the Syrian song we are singing, ‘Yal Asmar Ellon’ because it sounds so different.”

The decorations will include flags strung along the stage and auditorium, a projection screen that will show images of the country that song comes from, and pictures of choir students that have different cultural backgrounds.

“We decided to include all our choir students in the decorations,” said decorator and junior Maddie McKay. “So, I had every choir member text me with the ethnicity they identify with, their name, and choir, and [senior] Alissa Yenglin [the choir historian] took photos of everyone. We’re going to hang up the pictures around the auditorium and have a little bio on everyone. It’s going to be really interesting and cool, I think.”

The students have been rehearsing in their respective choir classes for the weeks leading up to the concert, so that they can master the intonations and dialect of the song to make it authentic. Snacks, water, and sweets will be also be sold as will ”Let It Be” bracelets” honoring the memory of senior Sean Collins and helping the choirs to continue to support his charity and his family.