WLC takes on homecoming week

By Kenzie Teichner

Homecoming week, the best week of the school year for many people, was October 3-7 and the dance was on October 8. Dressing up for something different each day, participating in Field Day, the Pep Assembly, the football game, and the dance were traditions that everyone looked forward to.

Monday there was no school. Tuesday’s Tie-Dye theme brightened up the hallways as students walked to class decked out in their most colorful tie-dye shirts, bandanas, pants, and even shoes.

Wednesday was Pajama Day, so a variety of onesies were worn, including character onesies, zoo animals, and even some monsters. Many students agreed that Pajama Day was the best day of the week. “I wore a onesie that was very warm and fell asleep in some classes,” said senior Maddy Grady. “Overall it was a good day.”

Thursday was Class T-Shirt Day and Field Day. Field day consisted of tug-of-war, musical chairs, and Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Senior Emma Erfourth was very happy she won musical chairs, “I’ve wanted to win musical chairs for the past three years and can’t believe I finally won”. Each class wore a different t-shirt with the week’s “Villains” theme: freshmen were the Riddler, sophomores were Darth Vader, juniors were Jaws, and seniors were the Joker.

Then Friday was Unity Day and the Pep Assembly. Everyone came together and wore maize and blue, united under one school and ready for the upcoming game. Homecoming court dressed up for the Pep Assembly and the Homecoming king and queen, seniors Parker Cole and Danielle Hoef, were announced.

After the Pep Assembly came the parade and the game. In the parade, all the sports teams  decorated cars, drove around, and passed out candy while the Homecoming court were also driven around for everyone to see. The Homecoming game is considered the best of the year. The Vikings beat Waterford Mott 36-35 which was very exciting for the school and the football team.

After the fun week, Saturday was the dance. The dance was from 7-10 and lots of people attended the dance and showed off their moves. The dj was great, weather was perfect, and refreshments were good. Overall, the dance was a fun way to get dressed up, have fun with friends, and wrap up the long week.

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