Seniors stress over college application

By Emily Hale

When the beginning of the end of summer begins, most underclassmen are preparing to enjoy their last few days of summer, while quite a few seniors are preparing college applications and getting FAFSA information together.

Many seniors have preferred to take early admissions, which can range from the time that they open to November. There are plenty of advantages to applying early, but if you apply to an early action school and are accepted, you are supposed to take the offer and attend that school. But there are also some disadvantages such as if you feel your application would be stronger after taking some extra classes or another test to improve your grade, than possibly you should wait. “To increase the likelihood of me getting accepted into my college of choice,” said senior Dylan Richards, who plans on going to Michigan Tech.

The beginning of November is the end of early admission and when regular admissions start. The hardest part for seniors is filling out all the applications, paying the fees and doing research on colleges that they want to attend, while doing school at the same time. “Conflicting of stress levels with college applications, wanting them to be good and doing schoolwork at the same time is really hard,” said senior Brendan Whitworth.

There is also heavy debate on the colleges that seniors attend. Whether to go community college or private university can be both a hard decision for both financially and a bit embarrassing, as people college shame quite often when talking about either Oakland Community College or comparing to another university. “I’m going to a trade school for cinema makeup in California. You’re saving money and getting the same thing, your degree is from the school you graduate from. Education is education either way,” said senior Madison Summerfield.

Choosing what college to go to is big deal for the seniors as making we are making one of the hardest decisions that we will ever to have to make, which will influence us for the rest of our lives.