New club at central is getting ready to turn the pages

By Patrice Linman 

Walled Lake Central has turned over a new page with the new Page Turners club. Page Turners is a new book club that was created by juniors Rylee Hayes and Mimi Anagli and sophomore Lily Byrnes.  

“We started the club because we wanted more time to read,” said Hayes.The club plans to meets the first Monday of every month in English teacher Kristen Brady’s room.

The first meeting was held on November 7 where they chose the first book that they will read, Rabbits in the Garden, a mystery thriller novel about a young girl who sees her mother dispose of a dead body. When the young girl tries to tell someone about it, the mother put the blame on the girl and she gets sent to an asylum where she continues to grows up, wondering if it was her mother who was responsible for that body or if she was the murderer all along.

The next meeting is set for December 5 where they will discuss Rabbits in the Garden and choose a new book in the next genre, which they chose at the end of the meeting, romance. Anyone is welcome to join at anytime as long as they want to read.