Trump named as 45th POTUS

By Renata Terrazzan

In the early hours of the morning after Tuesday, November 8, it was declared that Donald Trump would be the President of the United States of America for the next four years.

This win has triggered a wide array of emotions, from terrified to empowered, from devastated to joyous, and angered to celebratory. Central themselves had a variety of differing viewpoints. Some in full support with the electoral vote and some in full support with the popular. And some that didn’t support either.

Some were shocked by the results, like junior Jordan Nelson. He said. “I am disappointed and shocked that Trump one because it shows the real population and the real opinions of the American people that aren’t minority.” Senior Mandy Ta agreed, “I am shocked by how much of our nation sides with a racist, sexist, rapist bigot.”

Other students have vastly different viewpoints on our soon-to-be president, “I am not surprised that president elect Donald Trump won because the American people wanted change and he was the change agent.” said junior  Matt Weintraub. Similarly Olivia Orr said,“I feel like he will help fix the economy and focus on issues that actually matter.”

But these are not the only two viewpoints seen at Central. Some students believe that neither party would have been better, “The media only showed two candidates to go for,  in reality there are four. I blame the media for creating the idea that there were only these two,” said junior Amanda Sooch. “We should give him our support because neither candidate was outstanding in any way, and there would’ve been backlash either way. It’s just a matter of where it’s coming from.” said junior Ramya Ginjupalli about the results.

Central has a wide variety of opinions on the results of November 8. In fact, Central accurately represents the American population,in a Mock Election, held a few days before the real election, Trump won by under 10%.