All- Conference Football members are…

By Chloe White

The high school football season has finally came to an end and we would like to acknowledge seniors Jack Gulvas (quarterback), Jacob Downey (defensive back), Derek Markland (defensive line), Parker Cole (wide receiver), Payton Meyer (running back),  Kellen Branoff (linebacker,) and Damien Felton (running back) for standing out this season and making All-Conference.

All-Conference honors are given when the top players are nominated by their coaches and then the district coaches select which players become All-Conference. “Kids on field that excel on Fridays but also carry a great work ethic throughout the week and season” deserved making all conference this season, according to coach and Special Services teacher Josh Perusse.  

The boys had a tough season but always fought their hardest by playing the best game they could. Senior Damien Felton explained that making All-Conference “feels wonderful. On the field, I felt like a different person, I know I had a mission to do every Friday and that was to make sure I have a good game and make my parents proud of me”.

A few players did not quite make All-Conference but proved themselves by working hard and making honorable mention, including seniors Farhan Coleman (defensive line), Drew Temple (defensive back), Jimi Kandah (linebacker), and Matt Ford (defensive back). Coleman said that being honorable mention “feels nice to be recognized for my performance this season.”